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How does an innovative idea become a successful business?

Have you developed an exciting digital business model? Is your minimum viable product ready for launch? If so, it's time to think bigger and turn your innovative idea into a commercial success.

This is the step that companies and organisations often stumble at. Because digital innovations demand fast processes, dynamic structures and the flexible strategies of a start-up – whereas large corporations tend to rely on tried-and-tested workflows.

In order to scale your digital innovation fast, there's one thing you need above all else during the acceleration phase: The right people. And someone in the team who takes the lead and knows what's important in this phase – in short: an entrepreneur with start-up experience.

As an active member of the team for the duration of the project, Dr. Raoul Herborg and the Herborg GmbH network guide your digital business idea on a healthy growth path.

The benefits for your company

Icon Start-up mindset

Start-up mindset for digital innovations

Icon Objective perspective

Objective perspective of an external contractor

Icon Team-building


Icon prospects of success

Rapid feedback about prospects of success