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Specialists are not what you need during the initial growth phase of an innovative business model (acceleration phase). You need personalities with a diverse skill set who know exactly what needs to be done and when.

Herborg GmbH assists your team in dealing with the most critical challenges of the acceleration phase. These include market positioning, supervising product development, designing business models, organising sales activities and last, but not least, putting together a top notch team.


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Market positioning

This is how every business gets started, but the methods are different for digital business models. How is my market structured, what do my customers require of my product and my service? What expectations do we want to fulfil and are capable of fulfilling and what do we have to do to do so? Herborg GmbH's objective is to develop a strategy to successfully position your business on the market (go-to-market approach) and put it into practice. Developing a marketing strategy is as much a part of this as business development or acquiring "lighthouse" customers and business partners. We boost public awareness of your digital innovation by giving talks. We actively approach (and persuade) important target audiences, such as analysts and opinion leaders.

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Perfection is the enemy of digital innovation. At launch, the function of your product must be tangible, but not yet perfect. Reliably supply your customers with a new version of your product that delivers genuine added benefit every four weeks. Doing so allows customers to see that you have a firm grasp on your product development process. One of my key tasks within the team is to establish an efficient product development workflow – supported by agile methods. In practice, these strategies enable you to quickly integrate new customer requirements into your product that were not even known at the start. The result? The perfect product. That perfectly meets your customers' needs.

icon Businessplanung

Business planning

The goal criterion is simple: The business case should be so obvious that everyone in the team would be prepared to invest their own money in the project. With this goal in mind, one of my tasks during the accelerator phase is to develop business models and business plans with varying levels of detail and realistically assess their chances. Because when considering digital innovations internally, there's often no independent entity who can objectively judge their chances of success – and who has the courage to terminate a project that has no real market prospects. Once a promising business case has been developed, I prepare the fledgling business to convince investors about the merits of the product idea and thus secure financing for growth.

icon Setup


Digital innovations need space and must be agile in order to grow rapidly. The parent organisation often requires the ability to measure progress at any time – and likes to hold the reins itself. Both requirements can be satisfied through communication and transparency. I develop sensible governance structures with the objectivity of an external consultant that allow the all-important start-up mentality to flourish within the team while remaining consistent with the company's values. By establishing binding milestones, I create transparency that allows the parent company to measure development progress. And because the most important success factor is having the right team, managing and recruiting team members is another of Herborg GmbH's tasks.